Promotional Klippy

Wouldn't your customers want one of the newest most innovative 100% made in the U.S.A. promotional products with the maximum advertising potential of any promotional item on the market? ​​

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Promotional product
Are you tired of promotional items that you spend good money on in a drawer/cupboard or in the trash not serving their purpose?

Then you need, The Klippy!!!!!!!!!!

Promotional Sunglass holder
Klippy in use
Promotional items
United States Statistics

* $20 billion a year spent on promotional products.
* $253 million cars on the road.
* $95 million sunglasses sold a year.
* $200 million sets of glasses sold a year.
* $101 average minutes a day spent by Americans in their car.
With the visibility our item provides, you can't go wrong!!!!
The Original Klippy provides ​1/2 of an inch height and 1 inch width of printing space. Comes in Black, Cloud Grey. Custom colors available upon request.
Interested in purchasing The Original Klippy? Please contact us with your location so that we may direct you to your local distributor.